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Pontifical Council promotes false ‘sex-education’ programme

The Pontifical Council for the Family has launched a new initiative called ‘The Meeting Place’.  This is an online ‘sex-education’ programme which unfortunately does not comply with Church teaching in this matter.

You can listen to my broadcast from Radio Maria Ireland on this topic here

Radio Maria ‘sex-ed’ Talk

You can read a transcript of the talk HERE

In 1995, the Pontifical Council for the Family, under Cardinal Lopez Trujillo, issued a guide for parents called ‘The Truth and meaning of Human Sexuality‘  As part of the guidelines the document stated in No 126.3

“No material of an erotic nature should be presented to children or young people of any age, individually or in a group.

This principle of decency must safeguard the virtue of Christian chastity. Therefore in passing on sexual information in the context of education for love, the instruction must always be “positive and prudent”[153] and “clear and delicate”.[154] These four words used by the Catholic Church exclude every form of unacceptable content in sexual education.”

Sadly, ‘The Meeting Place’, presents images of an erotic nature and recommends films for viewing by young people, which contain sexually explicit scenes.  The young people are supposed to discuss these scenes.

I have spoken about this matter on Radio Maria Ireland today.