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Immodesty – the doorway to contraception?

I attended the first Holy Communion recently of a daughter of one of our fellow homeschooling families here in Ireland in a neighbouring parish.  Catholic homeschooling families are quite rare in Ireland.  The priest who celebrated Mass was one of the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross and afterwards we got to talking about marriage and family.  The subject of contraception came up, as it usually does, and the priest wondered if immodesty was the main issue that led to contraceptive use.  I gave him a link to this website explaining that I have been writing about the importance of modesty in my recent articles.

He was very interested, and some days later he e-mailed me to ask if I could put the articles on modesty together into one document.  This I have done, and I would like to make it available to anyone who is interested HERE

The promotion of modesty in dress is vitally important if we are to get our young people back on track as regards marriage and family life.

God bless


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