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Article 47 – Marriage! Defending the Truth

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, October 2015

Marriage! Defending the Truth

Another Humanae Vitae Moment!

We have entered another ‘Humanae Vitae’ moment in the Catholic Church which does not augur well for those of us who are trying to live out, and to promote the Catholic faith. What do I mean by this?

In a previous article, I outlined some of the history surrounding the release of ‘Humanae Vitae’. I explained about the commission that was set up by Pope Saint John XXIII and how this commission was expanded by Blessed Pope Paul VI to a membership of seventy two people. A report from the commission was leaked in 1966 and this report created the impression that Church teaching was going to change with regard to the matter of contraception. Some bishops even began preparing and training priests to teach the new change, and many of the faithful were told to be patient in their marital struggles as help was just around the corner in the form of a relaxation of Church teaching on contraception.

Widespread Dissent from Humanae Vitae

The erroneous view gained wide traction in the public square and when Blessed Pope Paul VI dropped his ‘Humanae Vitae’ bombshell in July 1968, there was widespread dissent and resistance to the Church teaching contained in the encyclical. This dissent continues to this day with various studies claiming that anything from sixty to over ninety percent of Catholic women reject Church teaching on contraception. The dissent is not confined to Catholic women but is also widespread amongst the hierarchy and clergy of the western world.

Dissent is like a Cancer

‘Humanae Vitae’ was unable to stop the dissent in its tracks because of the nature of dissent. Dissent is to the Church what cancer is to the body. Cancer is generally a slow, creeping disease, whose successful treatment is largely dependent on being found early, before it has managed to spread throughout the body. Dissent likewise, in order to be stopped before it can do major damage, needs to be dealt with in its earliest manifestations, and it needs to be dealt with decisively. If dissent is not vigorously curbed in its earliest days, it will rumble through the Church gaining momentum, gathering everything in its path, until finally, it becomes so large that when a pope is forced to take decisive action in order to prevent the ship from sinking, it results in schism and fragmentation of the mystical body of Christ.

Dissent seeks to Conquer All

The book I recommended in the previous issue, “Making Gay OK”, shows clearly how the homosexual movement started out as a small lobby group and then systematically inserted itself into every aspect of American society. The lie can only continue if every organisation acquiesces to the demands of the movement. The only remaining bastion to raise any objection to the homosexual agenda is the Catholic Church, therefore, the Catholic Church must be brought into line by whatever means it takes.

Infiltrate to Change

The modus operandi of the homosexual movement has always been the same. Get your people into positions of power within the organisation you have targeted for change, and then start to publicly demand that change based on false rights which are a construct of the movement. Homosexuals then claim that these false rights are being trampled on by the organisation in question, that they are being discriminated against and that all they want is to be treated like everyone else. It is at this time that they get their own insiders to begin publicly questioning the organisation and to start speaking in favour of the false rights.

We see this happening in the Catholic Church where prominent figures within the hierarchy contribute to or encourage debates and discussions which question Church teaching. They also allow the homosexuals to start networking within the Church. A classic example of this happens in the Dublin Archdiocese where there is now a monthly ‘all are welcome’ Mass which is organised and co-ordinated by homosexuals.

All are Welcome Masses in Dublin

Here is a brief description of what happens at this Mass from an Irish Times article of December 2014. “It’s a notably different experience from any Sunday Mass I’ve been to, although little of that has anything to do with the rainbow flag stretched across the altar. Prayers aren’t sped through, readings aren’t mumbled and ignored. Instead the parishioners reflect silently on what has just been said before speaking their thoughts aloud, while the prayers of the intercession are opened to the floor, allowing you see what is on the mind of the parishioners.” The article then quotes a woman who says “Most of us don’t go along with what the institution says. Its balderdash and ordinary people know its balderdash.”

The Promotion of Lies

Remember that when satan entered the garden of Eden, he began by posing a lie as a question. “Did God say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree of the garden’?” Of course this is not what God said, and the serpent knows this, but his first move is to get the woman to engage with him in a conversation that is deliberately deceitful and deliberately designed to bring about the fall. The devil’s tactics are the same today, “please engage with me in dialogue so that I may bring about your fall.”

The lie being promoted at the ‘all are welcome’ Masses in Dublin, is that there are Masses elsewhere in the Catholic Church at which all are not welcome, especially homosexuals. The poor homosexuals had to set up their own Mass in order to make sure that they could welcome themselves. Perhaps we will soon have burglars Masses, adulterers Masses, and other Masses for the different types of sinners to attend without having to repent of their sins. That the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been allowed to be abused in this way, with the permission of the bishop, is appalling and once again shows us how powerful the homosexual lobby has become within the Church even in Ireland.

Publicity Campaigns which favour Dissent

The damage has already been done. The video of the Pope hugging two homosexual men, one of whom was known to him and who is living in a homosexual relationship, is already in the public domain. The photo opportunity of the Pope with a ‘transexual’ woman and her ‘fiancée’ has already been published. The Polish monsignor, who has been in an active homosexual relationship with another man for years has been made public. Cardinals, who do not uphold Church teachings, have been publicly appointed to the synod.

Dissenters Bend the Narrative and the Rules

So, even if the Pope makes a speech upholding perennial Church teaching at the synod, it will be too late. It will all be the fault of the bad old conservative cardinals and bishops who bullied him into changing his mind at the last minute. Those who are promoting the dissent within the Church will tell the narrative that their goal was almost achieved and that it is only a matter of time before the Church recognises the innate beauty of all love, including that of sodomite homosexuals. The number of Irish Catholics who voted in favour of legally recognising sodomy as beneficial and of teaching children that sodomy is OK, will continue to grow.

Those of us who choose to remain faithful will be persecuted. But we will be persecuted in the knowledge that Christ has forewarned us that this will happen, and that He has given us a Mother of Sorrows, who will console and guide us as we continue our journey towards heaven and towards union with Him forever. We must help whoever we can along the way by continuing to proclaim the Truths of God on the nature of marriage and on the duties of husband and wife.

© John Lacken 2015

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Author: John Lacken

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