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We Are Ruled By Madmen

The Emperor’s New Clothes, by Hans Christian Anderson, tells the story of a couple of conmen who convince an Emperor that they can make him some elegant clothes from magnificent thread that is invisible to those who lack intelligence or are stupid. Eventually the Emperor is paraded around in his nude until a little boy shouts out the obvious and the people realise that they have been fooled.

Today’s reading in the Latin Mass for the Saturday after the Third Sunday in Lent, tells the story of Joakim’s wife Susanna, who is falsely accused of infidelity to her husband by two elders who lusted after her. She refused to go along with their sins against God. They falsely accuse her of infidelity with a young man and she is condemned to death. As they are leading her away, the Holy Ghost inspires a little boy named Daniel to cry out “I will have no part in the death of this woman”. The boy Daniel then proves that the men’s testimony is false and the men are put to death instead of Susanna.

I mention these two stories because something similar is happening to us in Ireland. A false ideology, with no basis in reality, is being foisted on us. Anyone who refuses to go along with the transgender ideology is condemned as being transphobic or as a religious nutcase. Enoch Burke currently takes the place of Daniel and that of the young boy in Hans Christian Anderson’s story. Enoch cries out to us that the Emperor is nude and that our lawmakers have judged wrongly and are condemning an innocent man.

Most people in Ireland are blissfully unaware of the travesty that is taking place.

Take for example the “Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2022” which is currently going through the houses of the Oireachtais. The Library and Research Service of the Oireachtais produced a Digest of the Bill which you can access from our website here. Work Life Balance Digest 2022

On page 3 we are told about the purposes of this Bill which includes the following.

“Amend the Maternity Protection Act 1994 to extend the entitlement to breastfeeding breaks to two years after the birth of the child. It also seeks to ensure that a transgender male who has, in accordance with the Gender Recognition Act 2015, obtained a gender recognition certificate and subsequently becomes pregnant, to fall within the scope of the Maternity Protection Act 1994.”

A general scheme was published for the Bill which you can access here. General Scheme Work Life Balance 2022. Under Head 10 of this scheme the following amendment to the Maternity Protection Act 1994 was proposed as an interpretation of an employee who is breastfeeding..

“employee who is breastfeeding” means at any time an employee whose date of confinement was not more than one hundred and four weeks earlier, who is breastfeeding and who has informed his or her employer of his or her condition;”.

From these two examples we learn that there are those in government who want us to believe that males can give birth and that males can breastfeed. They can do this if they have one of our government’s magic certificates issued under the Gender Recognition Act 2015. These certificates allow males to give birth and to breastfeed their children.

Of course it is all nonsense, but it is dangerous nonsense because those who believe in the nonsense are now putting pressure on the primary schools to teach this nonsense to very young children. My previous Article looked at Leo Varadkar’s disingenuous words in support of corrupting primary school children with the dangerous transgender ideology.

I believe that the transgender ideology represents possibly the greatest threat to mankind we have seen to date. This is because of the confusion it will cause amongst children who, in their adult lives, will find it difficult to form stable marital relationships which are the basis of a functioning society.

We need more Enoch Burkes to stand up against this tyranny which seeks to corrupt the innocence of primary school children. Parents need to become aware of the dangers and they need to take the necessary steps to protect their children.

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