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Upcoming Talks in Ireland

Our series of family related talks will continue in September and October.

You Can download Posters to print and share here

Waterford                           Leopardstown

I will be joined by Olivia Connolly and Anthony Murphy for a mini conference in Treacy’s Hotel, Waterford on Saturday 10th September, 2016. The conference begins with the Holy Rosary at 2.00pm

Olivia Connolly will speak about the dangers of the New Age ‘Earth movement’ which is infiltrating parishes and schools throughout the country.

Anthony Murphy, editor of Catholic Voice, will speak about The Crisis in the Church and building a Catholic Resistance movement.

My talk is titled Parents Awake! – Protect your children.

I have also been invited to speak at HLI Ireland’s ‘By Way of the Family’ conference in the Clayton Hotel, Leopardstown on Saturday 24th September 2016. The conference opens at 9.00 am with Mass at 9.30am. Talks begin at 10.00am You can visit HLI Ireland’s website here www.humanlife.ie

I will be speaking about the history of contraception in Ireland with a particular focus on the reactions of the Irish Hierarchy.

Our mini conference, with Olivia Connolly and Anthony Murphy will be repeated on Saturday October 1st in the Legionaries of Christ Centre in Leopardstown. Beginning again with the Holy Rosary at 2.00pm

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