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The President & the Popes

This show was broadcast on Radio Maria ireland on Friday 23rd September 2016

You can listen to the show HERE

You can read a transcript HERE

The show shares some very brief thoughts about technology.

I also look at a former Irish  President’s remarks about getting rid of ‘Humanae Vitae’.  The former president will have to clear a lot of others out of the Church too if her erroneous views on contraception are to stand.  Even Martin Luther himself was opposed to contraception.

I also look at some more of Pope Pius XII’s teachings on marriage. (Another Pope who would be axed by our former president.) This time I am looking at Pope Pius XII’s allocution to midwives.  This is one of the great teaching documents of the Church on marriage and the clarity and precision with which the Pope deals with the topic is fantastic.

I pay particular attention to the topic of Natural Family Planning. Unfortunately many well intentioned people within the Catholic Church do not have a correct understanding of this issue. Before a couple can legitimately use NFP there must be grave reasons.

As usual you can either listen to or read this talk

May God bless you


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