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Save the Catholic Family, Save Society

This talk was broadcast on Radio Maria Ireland on Friday 2nd September 2016

It continues to look at the fact that Irish people no longer desire to marry young. it looks at the address of Pope Pius XII in 1947 to Women titled “Papal Directives for the Woman of Today:”

You can get a transcript HERE

You can listen to the show HERE

This talk stresses the importance of the Traditional Catholic Family.

It calls into question the tactics of those Catholic pro-life organisations who seek to gain a pro-life victory using solely secular arguments and who deliberately prohibit the use of religious imagery such as that of Our Lady of Guadalupe from being used at pro-life rallys.  It points out the the battle for life and family in Ireland is primarily a religious battle and that Catholicism and the Catholic Church are the only forces capable of defeating the atheistic onslaught that we are facing, and we leave them aside at our peril.

The talk finishes as follows “Are we Catholic or are we not? How can we promote any political agenda if we fail to mention our core belief which is Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church? We need to realise that these are indeed religious battles that are being fought. The religion of Jesus Christ against the false religion of satan and his minions. We must also realise the serious damage that has been done to the concept of the Traditional Catholic Family and we must work to restore the dignity of Motherhood, the dignity of Fatherhood, the dignity of traditional Catholic family life so that our young people will once again dream of becoming fathers and mothers at a young age in order to build and extend the Kingdom of Jesus Christ here on earth through their families and to lead souls to their eternal salvation.

God bless

John Lacken