Legio Sanctae Familiae

On Saturday 21st November 2015, I delivered a talk at a Catholic family conference in Limerick, Ireland hosted by ‘The Catholic Voice’ and ‘The Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest.  The talk was titled ‘ Catholic Families will save the world and I used this talk to formally launch ‘Legio Sanctae Familiae’ – ‘The Legion of the Holy Family’.

The idea of this Legion is to form an army of Catholic Families who, under the headship of husbands and fathers will reclaim the authority that rightfully belongs to the family.  These husbands and fathers will seek to lead their wives and children in holiness.  First by striving to become holy themselves and then by encouraging holiness in their families through the loving service exemplified by Jesus Christ when He washed His disciples feet as an example to them of how they were to lead others.

I have set up a separate page for the Legion with some preliminary outline ideas for discussion and feedback.

You can contact me here if you would like to find out more

May God bless you in the most Sacred Heart of Jesus

John Lacken

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John Lacken is married to Naomi since November 12th 1988. They have eight children, two girls and six boys, all of whom were delivered by caesarian section. Recently John founded an organisation called 'Legio Sanctae Familiae' whose purpose is to promote the authentic traditional Catholic Church teachings on marriage and family life and to help Catholic families to live their family lives according to those teachings. You can contact John using this contact form