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Divini Illius Magistri – The True Nature of Christian Education – Part 12

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In the final part of his Encyclical ‘Divini Illius Magistri’, Pope Pius XI warns us about the need for vigilance in education before summing up by teaching us the true nature of Christian education.

Pope Pius XI was writing before the internet age where pornography is made easily accessible to everyone. But we have seen from recent developments in education in Ireland, that books are still favoured when it comes to the chosen means used to corrupt our youth. It is one of the main means used to promote gender ideology and the homosexual lifestyle in schools. Especially to very young children. A range of books which oppose Catholic teaching on human sexuality have been developed for use in Prinmary schools. This includes Catholic Primary schools.

Sad to say, there are very few Catholics nowadays who see anything wrong in promoting sexual information to very young children. The Catholic bishops in many countries have developed questionable ‘Relationships & Sexuality Programmes’ which often times rely on materials from secular governments which contradict Catholic Church teaching. In Ireland, the Flourish programme is an example, which uses resources from the abortion providing HSE to teach primary school children about human sexuality. What is taught contradicts the tried and tested methods of forming Catholic youth.

In Ireland and other western democracies, the State now controls the curriculum, even in the Catholic schools. Religion is tolerated provided it is limited in its application and not allowed to interfere with other subjects. These other subjects are free to contradict the Catholic Church teaching that may be taught in the religion class. Although, it is now permitted for those who have abandoned the practice of the Catholic faith to teach the religion classes to Catholic children.

The votes in the 2018 abortion referendum in Ireland clearly showed that those who have received an education in Irish so-called Catholic schools, are very far from being men and women of character. It is estimated that more than 86% of them voted to permit the killing of innocent human beings in their mother’s wombs.

In our day, most of the Catholic bishops have given up on the possibility of providing a truly Catholic education to the youth of Ireland. They wish to maintain the status quo, which sees the corruption of the Catholic faith of young children rather than openly defy the Irish government who are promoting an evil agenda in the schools of Ireland. These politicians are of their father, the father of lies, but there are no Apostles to call them out.

Given the widespread denial of the existence of Hell and the possibility that anyone goes there, the supernatural order is almost totally forgotten in the modern methods of teaching children.

The opposite of this statement is also true which can be seen in the decline of the moral standards of Western nations. This decline is in no small part due to the corruption of the Catholic schools.

Oh that our bishops would once again become convinced of the importance of a truly Catholic education and would admit that they are failing in this regard. This admittance is the first step to having to ushering in a Catholic reform of the schools. Without this admission of responsibility, things will continue to go from bad to worse. We must pray for our bishops.

Let us pray that our bishops will once again heed the message of Pope Pius XI and will earnestly begin a reform of the Catholic schools in Ireland and in every country where they are failing in their mission. Let us pray that they will undertake this task soon, in full confidence that the Lord God will bless their efforts. Meanwhile, let Catholic parents look to securing the Catholic education of their own children by whatever means necessary. Catholic parents cannot wait for their bishops, they must act to protect the Catholic faith of their children now.

To be cont’d…

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