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Divini Illius Magistri – The Importance of the Family – Part 10

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To fully understand ‘Divini Illius Magistri’, one must understand the primary purpose of our existence. Pope Pius XI’s first concern is the salvation of souls. Back in 1929, he was acutely aware that children were being corrupted by the educational establishments of his time which thus endangered their eternal salvation. Whilst he was able to praise much of the Catholic educational efforts of his time, today’s Catholic parents must lament the fall of Catholic education. The principles outlined by Pope Pius XI with regard to Catholic Education had been widely discarded by 1970 and probably earlier. Following on from his denunciation of co-educational schools, Pope Pius XI recalls the warning Christ gave to those who corrupt children.

The primary purpose of Legio Sanctae Familiae is to raise an army of Traditional Catholic Families who are willing to strive with all their might to become the holy families that God desires them to be. There is no other way of creating a holy society than through these Traditional Catholic Families. Pope Pius XI recognised the importance of Catholic families for the salvation of souls.

It is no exaggeration to state that the corruption of children by means of a false education is worse than the slaughter of the Innocents. The Innocent children who were slaughtered in Bethlehem, committed no sin. Those who are led astray by erroneous teachings will probably fall into mortal sin, and if they die in this state, they will spend eternity in Hell. Modern man is wary of such talk and the doctrinal teachings of the Catholic church on Hell are dismissed by many Catholics. It is one of the reasons why mortal sin is not only prevalent in our modern societies but is actually celebrated.

The Slaughter of the Innocents – Léon Cogniet (1794 – 1880)

Modern societies seem to have completely lost the correct understanding of authority as coming from Almighty God. If man does not respect God his creator, he will not respect any earthly authority and will only obey out of fear of punishment. Evil men will also desire to have authority over others on account of the power and wealth it may offer to them. These societies will naturally tend towards decadence. Pope Pius XI speaks about the remedy to such ills.

Many of the Catholic educational establishments of our time have fallen prey to modernism. They are Catholic in name only and no longer meet the requirements necessary to be truly Catholic. When the existence of Hell and eternal damnation are doubted, this is followed by a laxity and a casualness in the spiritual life. If nobody goes to Hell, then we do not need to worry too much about how we live our lives. As long as we don’t become murderers and suchlike, we will be admitted to the Heavenly Kingdom. Those who think like this are blinded to the reality of just how evil modern societies have become. Murder is now justified if a pregnant woman simply does not want her child because of the inconvenience. Those emerging from the modern Catholic educational establishments are very much in favour of abortion. This failure of the Catholic schools has yet to be addressed by the hierarchy.

It could be said that the success of Catholic education in forming the minds and hearts of children, was one of the factors that led to its downfall. The secular States became jealous of this power and sought to capture it so that they could indoctrinate children with perverse ideologies. The evidence for this perverse indoctrination is now overwhelming in western societies but, as of yet, there is very little push back from those in authority in the Catholic Church. The seriousness of the current situation is only understood by a small group of Catholic parents who fear for their children’s eternal salvation. Let us pray that more and more parents recognise the dangers that the modern school poses for their children. Let us also pray that the good Lord will send us courageous shepherds who will be willing to lay down their lives rather than risk the corruption of innocent children.

Niccola Tommaseo and his book Sull’ Educazione – Pensieri

He is also referring to several of Pope Leo XIII’s encyclicals. For example ‘Nobilissima Gallorum Gens’ – On the Religious Question in France from 1884 which says.

A different problem has arisen in our day where the curriculum in the schools that are called Catholic has been taken over by the secular State. The State mandates that programmes are taught to children which are contrary to the Catholic faith. The bishops in charge of these schools retain nominal control and, in general, they do not publicly oppose the secular programmes. This has led to a betrayal of several generations of Catholic parents who believed that their children were receiving a Catholic education. These parents are heartbroken at the general apostasy of their children and grandchildren who were corrupted by the malevolent influence of these schools and many of the teachers that taught in them. We must pray for the day when Catholic children can be once again guaranteed a Catholic education in the Catholic schools they attend.

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