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Divini Illius Magistri – The Church Safeguards Education – Part 8

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Pope Pius XI after teaching on the nature and duties of the role of the Catholic Church, the civil State and the family in education, begins to show how they are related to one another in a hierarchy. The Catholic Church because of its higher order, is called to safeguard Education and to establish the principles to which education must be conformed.

Those who oppose the Catholic viewpoint have an incorrect understanding of the origin of mankind. In denying the existence of God and His creative power, they also come to deny the nature of man as being a creature composed of body and soul. They fall prey to the same temptation that was offered to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden by the serpent. Their actions promote sinful behaviours and lead to the inevitable collapse of society because they promote a false understanding of the moral order. It is acceptance of the moral order that produces good citizens and therefore leads to the development of cultured and just societies. One of the primary purposes of education is to teach this moral order to children so that they will come to know the purpose of their lives and the ultimate source of happiness.

Pope Pius XI emphasises the point that, well formed Catholics, whose primary aim in life is to live as God intends them to live, tend to excel as citizens in whatever path they choose in life. The evidence for this statement is overwhelming, but those who attack the Catholic Church tend to distort the narrative by focusing on specific failures of men who happen to be Catholic. They ignore the vast amount of good works that have been carried out by Catholics in order to promote an anti-Catholic agenda. This agenda is driven by erroneous ideological concerns rather than seeking the eternal good of mankind.

Cases of scientists exceeding the moral limits are particularly evident in the area of human sexuality where pharmaceutical companies and others, for example, perform immoral experiments on human embryos in order to turn a profit. So called ‘assisted human reproduction’ techniques lead to the deaths of millions of embryos. These experiments and techniques are contrary to both faith and reason. It is never legitimate to do evil even though good may arise from it.

This paragraph is so important for our times where our Catholic schools have been targeted for infiltration with subject matter that is contrary to the Catholic faith. Young children are being daily harmed by what is being permitted to be taught in schools. Children are being taught, from a very young age, that it is acceptable to live an immoral sexual lifestyle. They are being taught that the homosexual lifestyle is not immoral, and that it is simply another lifestyle choice without moral implications. They are being taught that sexual activity outside of marriage is not immoral. The trust of these children is being abused but, in many cases, the trust of Catholic parents is also being abused.

It is quite astonishing to see how far modern man has drifted from these principles which were once broadly accepted. The very concept of original sin is now denied, even amongst members of the Catholic hierarchy. There are Catholics who object to the use of the term ‘disordered’ as being offensive. As if taking offence permits one to change the meaning of words. This offence taking is a not so subtle tactic which seeks to promote disordered actions as being conformable to the moral law. That some of the main protagonists of this position are Catholic, is disgraceful and an offence against God. Men have become so blinded in their reason that very few seem to care about the offence given to God.

My paternal grandmother was fond of saying “bend the tree while it is still young.” This is the same as the point being made above. Because of original sin, virtue does not come naturally to us. It must be instilled in us. In the case of young children, one cannot educate them in moral principles before they reach the age of reason, therefore they must be trained in good habits through the use of discouragement of the bad and encouragement of the good.

As the child matures they must be taught the moral principles which form the basis for virtuous actions. In early childhood negative consequences must attach to bad actions and positive consequences to good actions in order to form good habits. But as they grow, children must be taught to engage their moral faculties. One should not engage in bad habits even if there are seemingly good consequences and sometimes we are duty bound to a good action even though it may lead to negative consequences. The martyrs bear great testimony to these truths and children are naturally drawn to the heroic stories of the martyrs who gave up their lives rather than betray the Catholic faith.

We are seeing the fruits of such pedagogic naturalism in the sexual identity movement. Once the truths of the Catholic faith are denied, it is not long before any truth is denied. The truth about “male and female” He created them” has now been replaced with the falsehood that our sex is whatever we identify it as being. Girls can become boys and boys can become girls. This is what they are now teaching to children in primary schools. It has no basis in science and no basis in reality but there are very few who are prepared to publicly stand against this nonsensical tyranny. The ones to suffer most from this are the children who succumb to the falsehoods. Next are the child’s parents who either go along with the delusions or are forced to watch their children descend into a form of madness. The madness is fully facilitated by the civil State and by the care agencies who are duty bound to protect children. Having abandoned logic, faith and reason, they increase the damage being done to children and young adults rather than helping them to come back to reality.

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