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Corrupting the Innocence of Children

War Against the Innocence of Children
There is a global war being waged against the innocence of children. The primary aggressor is the devil but he uses willing human accomplices to carry out his plans to destroy the innocence of children. The devil hates the innocence of children because they remind him of how far he has fallen and of how much he has lost by rebelling against God. The devil’s pride blinds him and drives him on in his mistaken beliefs that he can somehow hurt God.

The battle against our children is primarily a spiritual battle which seeks to deprive our children of their Divine inheritance as sons and daughters of God. The devil seeks to deprive our children of the eternal happiness which God desires for them and for which God created them. Our children have free will, but God has given parents the duty of protecting children and of guiding them in their lives so that they will learn to choose wisely and to choose to love God.

Catholic parents and Catholics in general, need to be aware of what is going on in the world and need to become aware of the forces that are acting against the interests of children so that they can join in the battle to protect all children from harm.

In 1890, more than 130 years ago, Pope Leo XIII warned us about those who act against the Catholic Family. These global forces have continued to act and to grow since 1890 and they now control the institutions of western societies. Here’s what Pope Leo XIII said.

““they who would break away from Christian discipline are working to corrupt family life, and to destroy it utterly, root and branch” (Sapientiae Christianae 42)

This is a very stark warning and in this article I want to take a brief look at some of those efforts against the family.

The United Nations Corrupts Children
In 1999 the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) produced a school book for children called Pachamama – Our Earth, Our Future. The book is mostly innocuous dealing with matters of pollution and other environmental issues. However, the book promotes population control to young school children.

On page 12 of the book we read the following under the title population growth. Remember this is aimed at young children.

“One of the hardest things is to ensure a sustainable life for the six billion people on the Earth, and the 78 million who join us every year. If we can control birth rates, scientists predict that our numbers will reach about nine billion by 2050. However, unchecked, world population could rise to 27 billion! At present consumption rates, this would put our world’s resources under enormous pressure.”

In 2002 the Pachamama teacher’s guide was published. This contains a more sinister element which was not included in the children’s book and which unsuspecting parents might not have been aware of.

The teachers are instructed under the heading population growth to conduct an exercise where the children create imaginary families with three children each. The teachers are then instructed to teach the children that the three child families represent population growth and that population growth would be slowed down if each family only had one child.

In the most sinister aspect of these instructions they say that this is especially true if both parents die after the arrival of their first grandchild. This sows the idea of euthanasia in the minds of very young school children. Here is the lesson in question from pages 12 – 13 of the teachers guide.

You can view both the children’s book and the teacher’s guide at the following links.

Pachamama for Children 1999

Pachamama Teacher’s Guide 2002

The books encourage children to become activists to promote the lessons they have learned within their own societies.

UNICEF Uses Digital Technology to Gain Access to Children
Of course Catholic parents and other religious parents will naturally object to having such information taught to their children. The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, UNICEF, is aware of this. In 2019 they produced a document called “The opportunity for Digital Sexuality Education in East Asia and the Pacific”.

Point 4 of the executive summary on page 10 gives the following objective.

“Push boundaries with innovative solutions, user-centred iterative design, real-time feedback and impact assessment to capture young people’s attention and creativity and to enable continuous improvement of content and user experience in this rapidly changing

In discussing the barriers to comprehensive sexuality education on page 15 they note .

“In addition, programmes may not be compulsory but up to the discretion of schools or teachers who may be influenced by perceived or real opposition from parents, communities and religious leaders.”

UNICEF sees parents, communities, and religious leaders as potential obstacles to their plan to foist comprehensive sexuality education on the world’s children.

Their solution?

“In this context, digital technology provides another entry-point for sexuality education. The internet
and digital media can enable private, personalized and easily accessible answers to critical questions about sexuality and relationships that may not be otherwise forthcoming. These media also provide sex educators an avenue to reach young people directly — via innovative technologies, websites, messaging apps and social media platforms — anytime and anywhere. However, will these digital platforms offer the reach and the impact needed to make a significant difference to the sexual and reproductive health of young people in the region?”

UNICEF are working to develop digital sexuality education programmes as a means of bypassing those who might object to their corrupt sexual ideology. With digital technology the sex educators can gain access to children “anytime and anywhere”

This is what Pope Leo XIII meant when he spoke of those who seek “to corrupt family life, and to destroy it utterly, root and branch”

The INTO Corrupts Primary School Children
The Irish National Teacher’s Organisation, which is the largest teachers organisation in Ireland, is actively promoting the homosexual lifestyle to four year old boys and girls and has been doing so for years.

They host an annual competition called “Different Families – Same Love” which teaches primary school children the lie that homosexual sexual relationships are equal to male/female sexual relationships thus corrupting the children. The children are asked to write a little story promoting the lie of equality between same-sex and male/female relationships and a prize is awarded for the best entry. On their website the INTO are delighted to welcome the return of Different Families – Same Love this coming May. 2023.

The INTO also produces a recommended reading book list. The book “King & King” is recommended for junior and senior infants, that is, for four to six year old children. This book tells the story in cartoon form of a young prince who is not happy with the princesses that are brough as possible choices for him to marry.

The final princess that is brought to him is accompanied by her brother. The book tells us that the two princes fell in love, and they get married. The final image in the book is of the two men kissing.

This is what the INTO is promoting to four year old boys. They are promoting disordered homosexual behaviour to four year old boys and teaching them that it is normal. They have not consulted with Catholic parents and they encourage their INTO members to promote this sinful behaviour to four year old boys. The INTO are part of the group that are working to destroy family life and to corrupt it utterly, root and branch by corrupting the innocence of very young children.

Their recommended reading list promotes and normalises the homosexual lifestyle for all primary school classes.

Two primary school teachers who were members of the INTO LGBT teachers group, produced a teachers resource called “We All Belong”. This document attacks the traditional Catholic family and falsely claims that a family can have two fathers or two mothers. The recommended books and lesson plans are designed to undermine the traditional Catholic concept of marriage and family life and the target audience begins with four year old children. Have a look for yourself if you think I exaggerate. You can read “WE All Belong”

War is being waged against our children and our grandchildren and as Catholics we must stand up against those who seek to pervert our children and our grandchildren with their corrupt ideologies. Catholics must also strive to protect children. Pope Leo XIII in Sapientiae Christianae warns us of the consequences of not fighting against these ideologues.

“To recoil before an enemy, or to keep silence when from all sides such clamors are raised against truth, is the part of a man either devoid of character or who entertains doubt as to the truth of what he professes to believe.

In both cases such mode of behaving is base and is insulting to God, and both are incompatible with the salvation of mankind.

This kind of conduct is profitable only to the enemies of the faith, for nothing emboldens the wicked so greatly as the lack of courage on the part of the good.” (Sapientiae Christianae 14)

This is part of what I cover in my Book Launch, so please spread the word and encourage Catholic parents to become better informed of the dangerous individuals and organisations that seek to corrupt the innocence of their children.

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