Joe Biden and the Nine Ways of Co-operating in Sin

Update 16/04/23: I have been contacted to suggest that Joe Biden may not have been invited to Knock Shrine but may have put it on the agenda himself. I have changed the wording below to reflect this i.e. “those who welcomed Joe Biden to Knock Shrine”. In one way this actually makes the situation worse because it suggests that the sacraments of the Catholic Church were suspended to accommodate the visit of a secular ruler who publicly defies Catholic Church … Read More

The Ethics of Organ Donation – Brain Death is not Actual Death

The Human Tissue (Transplantation, Post-Mortem, Anatomical Examination and Public Display) Bill 2022 is currently making its way through the houses of the Oireachtas in Ireland. This bill intends to deal with the sensitive subject of organ donation. One of the dangers that arises in matters where ethics is of concern, is where legislation is being driven on a ‘needs first’ basis rather than on an ‘ethics first’ basis. The Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly, when introducing the bill at second … Read More

The Common Good

In his third article on “Charity and Vaccines,” Father Ambrose debunked the claim that getting vaccinated was “the loving thing to do”. In this fourth instalment he shows how the concept of the Common Good, which is part of Catholic social doctrine, has been unduly exploited to justify mass vaccination and other extreme measures taken during the so-called pandemic.1 You can download a pdf of this article HERE These Articles are also available in German HERE The last three years … Read More

Charity and Vaccines

Having established that both conscience and prudence forbid the reception of COVID-19 vaccines, Father Ambrose now explains, especially for priests, why getting vaccinated is not the “loving thing to do”. You can download a pdf of this article HERE These Articles are also available in German HERE If there is one adjective that common sentiment identifies with a good Christian, it is no doubt “loving”. A good Christian, in imitation of Christ, seeks to love all, especially those in need. This … Read More

Prudence and Vaccines

Prudence is the mother of all the other virtues. We all need it, but none more than priests, doctors and politicians, especially when it comes to moral questions linked to the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’. Father Ambrose explains. You can download a pdf of this article HERE These Articles are also available in German HERE All important decisions in life should be guided by prudence. With it we resolve on a course of action in accordance with our rational nature. Without it we … Read More

Conscience & Vaccines

Ethical considerations surrounding vaccines have been debated for some time. It is a hot subject today, as many of the COVID-19 vaccines use stem cells from aborted babies. – Father Ambrose answers essential questions on this important topic.  This document can be downloaded as a pdf HERE These Articles are also available in German HERE Q. Is it true that COVID-19 vaccines are created using organs of aborted infants?A. When we first heard about the experimentation on human embryos and foetuses many … Read More