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Article 75 – The Irish Minister for Health should Resign

The Killing of Terminally ill Children
In my last article, I mentioned the importance of precision in the use of language, so as to avoid confusion. Today I want to take a quick break from Pope Pius XII’s allocution to midwives in order to emphasise the same point about language with regard to something more current in Irish society. There are some in Ireland today who favour putting terminally sick children to death if they are not yet born, and if their little lives could be perceived as greatly inconveniencing their parents. Now of course this is not how they describe what they are proposing, because killing sick children is abhorrent to any right minded person. So they use imprecision in language to disguise what they are doing.

Ambiguity Favours the Dissenter
Ambiguity in the use of language always favours the dissenter and favours those who seek to introduce evil into the legislature of a country. Normal healthy people have an aversion to evil and this is why those who propose the adoption of these evils necessarily seek to hide the evil nature of what they are doing.

The Powers of the Soul
To gain a proper understanding of what is going on we must look a little at the powers of the soul. These are usually identified as the following. Intellect, Will, Memory, Imagination, and Emotion. The higher powers are the Intellect and the Will. The purpose of the Intellect is to seek Truth and the purpose of the Will is to act according to what is right and good based on the discernment of Truth that has been done by the Intellect. The lower powers of the soul, Memory, Imagination and Emotion should never be allowed to influence the Will in a way that is contrary to what the Intellect has discerned as Truth.

An Appeal to the Emotions
Those who seek to introduce evil or dissent, generally appeal to the lower power of a person’s emotions, in order to use the emotive instinct to influence people in favour of the disguised evil. They will also use the emotive instinct against those who are opposed to their agenda by labelling them as homophobic, or hateful, or misogynist or another false label which attacks the person not their intellectual arguments against the proposed evil.

The UN Supports the Killing of Sick Children
The United Nations Human Rights Committee, issued a statement on the 9th of June 2016 concerning a case taken by an Irish woman who was refused an abortion in Ireland because our constitution, under the eight Amendment, gives protection to unborn children who are terminally ill. The statement begins

“A woman in Ireland who was forced to choose between carrying her foetus to term, knowing it would not survive, or seeking an abortion abroad was subjected to discrimination and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment as a result of Ireland’s legal prohibition of abortion, UN experts have found.”

Corruption of Language
Note first of all, the corruption of language by using emotive terms which are not true. This woman was not ‘forced’ to choose anything. Who applied force to this woman? Did our Taoiseach call in a brigade of the Irish Army who stood before this woman and demanded that she make a choice between these two options? Of course not. So we are being lied to, by the United Nations human rights committee, who wish to put pressure on the sovereign people of Ireland, in order to get us to legalise abortion in accordance with their perverted view of life.

They say that the woman was subjected to discrimination and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. So now, according to the United Nations Human Rights Committee, it is discrimination and cruel, inhuman and degrading to refuse to kill a child who is terminally ill in his mother’s womb. This sick, terminally ill child, was brought to the UK, where he was killed by the doctors over there. This should make us weep and hang our heads in shame.

The Child is the one who is Discriminated Against
It is the child who was subjected to discrimination and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, not his mother, who, sadly, was complicit in the killing of her own sick child.

Now we are not here to condemn this woman in the same way that Christ did not condemn the woman caught in the act of adultery, but like Christ, who told the woman to go and sin no more, we must condemn the sin that has been committed against God and against this poor defenceless child.

We must condemn the actions of those who perpetrated this abomination, whereby a defenceless and sick child was killed with the aid of a corrupt law and a corrupt society.

Irish Minister for Health Frustrated because women are not allowed to Kill their babies!
Recently, the Irish Minister for health expressed his ‘frustration’ at Irish abortion laws on account of a twitter campaign where another Irish couple have decided to take their sick unborn child over to England to have the child killed there.

A Documentary on Baby Killing
The reason they have chosen to do this is simply because the child is sick and because they can get away with it by taking the child to a country whose laws are corrupt. They will deny their sick child baptism, they will deny their sick child a mother’s hug, they will deny their sick child a father’s hug simply because their child’s life is inconvenient to them on account of her terminal illness.

That they propose to document their journey, which will end in the death of their sick child, via twitter, in order to bring pressure to bear on Irish legislators, is absolutely shocking. It is beyond words. One wonders how we ever managed to sink to such a moral abyss.

Minister for Health Denounces the Irish Constitution
Just as shocking is for the Irish Minister for Health to denounce our constitution, which he is obliged to uphold, because that constitution prevents mothers and fathers from killing their sick children who have not yet been born. His ‘frustration’ stems from the fact that this couple cannot legally kill their sick child here in Ireland.

This is a disgraceful position. The Minister should publicly apologise to all children who have been born and are living with similar conditions. He should apologise for the insensitivity with which he supports the killing of these children if they are not yet born.

The Minister for Health should Apologise
The Minister should apologise to the heroic parents of children such as these, who have made great sacrifices in order to look after and take care of these children however short their little lives may have been.

The Minister for Health should Resign
The minister should then resign as minister for health for the obvious contempt that he has for our constitution and for the obvious contempt with which he treats of children who are terminally ill whilst still in their mother’s wombs.

The Irish Constitution recognises the Most Holy Trinity
The Irish constitution recognises that all authority comes from the Most Holy Trinity and that all actions of men and States must be referred to the Most Holy Trinity. The fifth commandment of the Most Holy Trinity is “Thou shalt not Kill”

Those who promote this killing often diagnose these little children as being “incompatible with life”. This begs the question, “if they are incompatible with life, then why do you have to take them abroad to kill them”. I call on Catholic Voice readers to contact their public representatives and our Taoiseach asking for the Minister for Health to apologise and to resign his position.

© John Lacken 2016

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