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Article 44 – Marriage! Damaged by Dissent

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, September 2015

Men cannot Marry Men, Women cannot Marry Women!

One of the saddest developments within the Catholic Church in Ireland since the publishing of ‘Humane Vitae’ by Pope Paul VI in July of 1968 has been the growth and tolerance of dissent within Catholic circles. One of the results of this dissension from ‘Humanae Vitae’ has been the separation of sexuality and procreation and it this separation that has directly led to the idea of homosexual marriage. For, if marriage and sexuality are primarily ordered to having children, then men are naturally excluded from marrying men and women are naturally excluded from marrying women. However, if children are removed from the equation, then marriage is open to all, including same-sex couples.

The dissent from ‘Humanae Vitae’ has naturally led to dissent from a whole range of other Church teachings because human nature and human beings are no longer regarded primarily in how we relate to our creator and in regard to the purpose for which we were created. Man then becomes an end in himself and secular society acquires a status which tends to replace the sacramental life of the church.

Catholic Organisations lose their Christocentricity

The effect of this is that Catholic organisations then try to present their arguments against divorce, against abortion, against euthanasia and same-sex marriage in a secular way rather than in a Christocentric way. They seek primarily to save society rather than to save souls by leading souls to Christ and His Church.

Men with Homosexual inclinations were used in a Utilitarian Fashion

I began the first part of this article by saying that I wanted to look at what I considered to be one of the saddest aspects of the Catholic campaign for a ‘NO’ vote. That sad aspect was the utilitarian use of two men with homosexual tendencies, one of whom stated publicly that he was in a relationship with another man, to promote the ‘NO’ vote. The homosexual lifestyle is disordered and it places the eternal salvation of those who engage in it in jeopardy. We hear a lot of talk about mercy these days yet we rarely hear reference to two of the spiritual works of mercy namely; to instruct the ignorant and to admonish the sinner.

The effects of the Homosexual Lifestyle were ignored

The lifestyle of these two men with homosexual tendencies was not called into question by the Catholics who debated with them and promoted their views. The fact that they could have these disordered relationships recognised through civil partnership was presented as a good, and this was not contradicted by the Catholics in the debate. These men’s salvation was ignored because their viewpoint was found to be useful to some Catholics who were campaigning for a ‘NO’ vote. These men were used and were not shown mercy because nobody cared to instruct them in the Truth and because nobody wished to charitably admonish them and encourage them to the holiness of a chaste life, because this was about winning a referendum and not about saving souls.

Irish Society is becoming Intolerant

It is obvious that Irish society is becoming more and more intolerant and that we are heading rapidly towards a totalitarian state where those who oppose what the state proposes will at first be silenced and then jailed if necessary. If the Catholic Church in Ireland returns to orthodoxy she will be persecuted and then consequently she will grow. Vocations to the priesthood depend upon orthodoxy. The branch that remains connected to the vine always bears much fruit. If the hierarchical Church in Ireland does not return to orthodoxy then she will continue along the steady path towards becoming irrelevant.

Marriage is a Creation of God

That marriage is between one man and one woman is a statement of fact and does not discriminate against anybody, in the same way as saying that women can have babies does not discriminate against men. To change the definition of marriage, by pretending that ‘same-sex couples’ can marry, is to discriminate against heterosexuals by denying the fact that children are an obvious and essential element of natural heterosexual relationships. The ability to have children differentiates heterosexual relationships from homosexual relationships. It discriminates against married fathers and mothers and against children by denying the relevance and importance of children to marriage.

Denial of the Benefits of Motherhood and Fatherhood

Same-sex adoption also discriminates against mothers, fathers and children because it denies that there is any particular value contributed to a child by a woman as a mother and it also denies that men as fathers have anything specific to contribute to child rearing. Like the emperor waddling naked through the crowds until called out by a young child, Irish society waddles naked through the world by denying the fact that sex matters. It matters to children whether or not they have a mother and a father. It matters to humanity and to society that babies come from the coupling of one man and one woman. It matters that the natural family is composed of one man, one woman and their children. It matters! It is important! Society depends on the natural family for its existence.

Modern Society has lost sight of Almighty God

I don’t have a practical cure all for all the ills of modern society but I do know what needs to be done. Modern society has lost sight of God and has thus lost its sense of the beauty of God’s creation. The hearts of the Irish people have grown cold towards almighty God. Catholics, members of the Church militant, need to be recalled to the fact that the Church Militant, God’s army on earth, marches on its knees. Christ’s first call is the call to repentance. His second call is the call to faith, that is, to belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of Almighty God. Repentance and faith require humility and contrition. “A sacrifice to God is an afflicted spirit: a contrite and humbled heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.” (Psalm 50:19)

We must accept ALL that Holy Mother Church teaches

It is on our knees, in a spirit of humility and contrition, and in full acceptance of all that Holy Mother Church teaches, that we must move forward to face the probable persecutions that await us. We must increase and deepen our prayer lives. We must pray for our priests and bishops especially for the gift of courage. We must pray earnestly, perhaps as we have never prayed before, for vocations to the sacramental priesthood. We must realise that the reason for the Church’s existence is the Glory of God and the salvation of souls therefore, we must return our focus to the next life and to the eschatological realities of death, judgement, heaven and hell. Our own and that of others.

We Must Lead those with Homosexual Inclinations to Christ

The best thing that we can do for a person with homosexual inclinations has nothing to do with non discrimination, rather, it has to do with the salvation of that person’s soul, with leading them to live life in Christ. Anything else is meaningless and of no lasting value. “For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?” (Mark 8:36)

In other words we must once again become fervently Catholic and with joy go out and proclaim the good news to all the world. May Our Lady of Knock intercede for us in these dangerous times.

© John Lacken 2015

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Author: John Lacken

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