Article 81 – Modesty. The Church Speaks

Voices of the Church on Modesty

I am very much aware that many find the subject of modesty to be particularly sensitive and difficult to deal with. It can be embarrassing for those who choose to speak out, and for those who receive the correction. People get angry, they feel humiliated, or sometimes they just don’t seem to care. One lady wrote to me recently me and told me that she found one of the articles on modesty “challenging, but needed”. There are others who disagree with what I write about modesty and who ignore or disregard what is said, as if I were just expressing my own personal opinions.Read the rest

Lumen Fidei Institute

I have been traveling around the country giving talks on the need for a Catholic Action movement. I hope to put some of these talks online in the near future. But meanwhile I have not been updating the website. I hope over the next few days to upload my latest articles from the Catholic Voice newspaper. I am giving a talk this Sunday 4th June in the Ballykisteen Golf Hotel in Limerick Junction at 2pm. The final talk in this series takes place in the Sligo Park Hotel on Friday 16th June at 7pm.

I look forward to seeing you there.… Read the rest