Article 44 – Marriage! Damaged by Dissent

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, September 2015

Men cannot Marry Men, Women cannot Marry Women!

One of the saddest developments within the Catholic Church in Ireland since the publishing of ‘Humane Vitae’ by Pope Paul VI in July of 1968 has been the growth and tolerance of dissent within Catholic circles. One of the results of this dissension from ‘Humanae Vitae’ has been the separation of sexuality and procreation and it this separation that has directly led to the idea of homosexual marriage. For, if marriage and sexuality are primarily ordered to having children, then men are naturally excluded from marrying men and women are naturally excluded from marrying women.… Read the rest

Article 41 – Marriage! Become a Saint

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, July 2015

Holiness is the Solution to all of Our Problems

There is one, and only one, simple solution to the problems that beset our nation today and that is for each and every one who reads these articles to become saints. I once read a definition of intelligence, I cannot remember where, which defined it as the ability to separate out into categories. At first I did not understand what it meant and therefore I was not sure if I agreed with it as a statement or not. But as I look and listen to the world around me, and particularly to the arguments on both sides of the recent referendum debate, I realise that the statement is true.Read the rest

Article 39 – Marriage! And The Ultimate Authority

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, June 2015

There is only ever one Ultimate Authority

I want to dwell a little longer on the subject of authority and to reflect briefly on the implications for the exercise of authority in Ireland that may come about as a result of the ‘Yes’ vote in the recent marriage referendum. I am speaking of authority in the sense of the power to determine, to have jurisdiction, and the right to control and command.

Now in any given situation, or place, or time, there can only be one ultimate authority. As Catholics, we of course know that God is the ultimate authority, but there are varying and different levels of authority.Read the rest

Article 37 – Marriage! Couples Betrayed

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, May 2015

Priests who fail to uphold Church teaching on contraception, damage Marriage

Our third child was born by caesarian section in December 1992. The following year we moved from County Tipperary to a parish in Co Sligo. We got to know the parish priest quite well and on one occasion when my wife was speaking with him on the subject of marriage and children he told her that perhaps it was time for her to go and talk to her doctor about birth control.

When I subsequently tackled this priest about his remarks to my wife, I asked him whether or not he would uphold Church teaching on the matter of contraception if he were preparing young couples for marriage.Read the rest

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