The Traditional Catholic Family – On Radio Maria Ireland

I have recently been offered a half hour programme on Radio Maria Ireland.  it goes out on Friday afternoons from about 4.00pm to 4.30pm.  The programme is called ‘The Traditional Catholic Family’ and I am presenting a Catechesis on Marriage and Family as traditionally understood by the Church. You can access these talks through the Legio Sanctae Familiae link, there are three of them uploaded as of today. May God bless you John

Article 47 – Marriage! Defending the Truth

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, October 2015 Marriage! Defending the Truth Another Humanae Vitae Moment! We have entered another ‘Humanae Vitae’ moment in the Catholic Church which does not augur well for those of us who are trying to live out, and to promote the Catholic faith. What do I mean by this? In a previous article, I outlined some of the history surrounding the release of ‘Humanae Vitae’. I explained about the commission that was set up … Read More

Article 46 – Marriage! The Homosexual Attack

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, September 2015 The Catholic Church, Marriage and Homosexual Inclination This week I want to recommend a book to everyone who wants to have a clear understanding of what is going on, not just in the world, but in the Church as well. This book is not a pleasant read. In fact many chapters contain very unpleasant and sometimes disgusting information. It is not a book that I would let children near. It is … Read More

Article 45 – Marriage! The Way of Society

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, September 2015 Holy Catholic Marriages necessary for Society In a previous article I mentioned that the solution to the western world’s current problems, is for Catholics to become Holy. This is highlighted by the story, which is often told, that G K Chesterton was once sent the question “What’s wrong with the world today?” by a certain newspaper, and allegedly he sent back the reply “I am”. It is also my contention that … Read More

Article 44 – Marriage! Damaged by Dissent

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, September 2015 Men cannot Marry Men, Women cannot Marry Women! One of the saddest developments within the Catholic Church in Ireland since the publishing of ‘Humane Vitae’ by Pope Paul VI in July of 1968 has been the growth and tolerance of dissent within Catholic circles. One of the results of this dissension from ‘Humanae Vitae’ has been the separation of sexuality and procreation and it this separation that has directly led to … Read More

Article 43 – Marriage! The Whole Truth

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, August 2015 The Propaganda War I want to look at what I consider to be one of the saddest aspects of the ‘Catholic’ campaign for a ‘NO’ vote in the recent  referendum in Ireland which claims to allow men to marry men and women to marry women. In previous articles I have shown how prominent Catholics spoke out publicly against same-sex marriage but contradicted Church teaching in doing so. One may ask why … Read More

Article 42 – Marriage! Errant Catholics don’t Help

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, August 2015 Public Statements of Catholics that promote erroneous thinking Before looking at the statements from the previous article on the marriage referendum, I want to look at a more recent public statement, this time issued on an Irish diocesan Facebook page. Once again the diocese and the bishop are unimportant as I want to deal with the subject matter. The bishop in question was speaking about political parties collecting funds after Mass … Read More

Article 41 – Marriage! Become a Saint

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, July 2015 Holiness is the Solution to all of Our Problems There is one, and only one, simple solution to the problems that beset our nation today and that is for each and every one who reads these articles to become saints. I once read a definition of intelligence, I cannot remember where, which defined it as the ability to separate out into categories. At first I did not understand what it meant … Read More

Article 40 – Marriage! Church v State

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, July 2015 Two Claimants to Jurisdiction over Marriage In looking at authority, we have seen that in any given situation, or place, or time, there can be only one ultimate authority. We have also seen that a clash inevitably arises where more than one person or group claim to be that ultimate authority. We also know that in Ireland, there have been two claimants to jurisdiction concerning marriage for quite some time now, … Read More

Article 39 – Marriage! And The Ultimate Authority

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, June 2015 There is only ever one Ultimate Authority I want to dwell a little longer on the subject of authority and to reflect briefly on the implications for the exercise of authority in Ireland that may come about as a result of the ‘Yes’ vote in the recent marriage referendum. I am speaking of authority in the sense of the power to determine, to have jurisdiction, and the right to control and … Read More

Article 38 – Marriage! Another Prophetic Voice

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, June 2015 The Wisdom of the Foreigner As I begin this article I have before me a magazine, produced in Ireland, by an American couple who came to live here in 1979 to promote Natural Family Planning. As is sometimes the case, the eyes of the foreigner can see more clearly the blighted landscape that is no longer noticed by the native, because it has become all too familiar to him. This American … Read More

Article 37 – Marriage! Couples Betrayed

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, May 2015 Priests who fail to uphold Church teaching on contraception, damage Marriage Our third child was born by caesarian section in December 1992. The following year we moved from County Tipperary to a parish in Co Sligo. We got to know the parish priest quite well and on one occasion when my wife was speaking with him on the subject of marriage and children he told her that perhaps it was time … Read More

Article 36 – A Faithful Irish Bishop Speaks

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, May 2015 The Last Episcopal Voice in Ireland to speak out against Heretical professors In a previous article I mentioned that one of Ireland’s Archbishops, in 1970, issued a letter that was to be read out at every Mass in his diocese on account of the heretical statements made by one of the professors at Maynooth to the Irish Medical Union. This professor’s statements, contradicted Church teaching on contraception. The archbishop, who was … Read More

Article 35 – Marriage! The Prophet Continues

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, May 2015 The Bishops did not express disapproval of Contraception Legislation We are looking at the year 1978 when the Irish Bishops issued a total of three statements, none of which expressed disapproval of proposed legislation which would make the sale and importation of contraceptives legal in Ireland for the first time. We are also looking at the comments of one prophetic professor of moral theology and canon law in regard to those … Read More

Article 34 – Marriage! The Prophetic Voices

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, April 2015 The Prophet is Derided in his own Country Whilst these articles deal in the main with the Catholic understanding of marriage and what has gone wrong with marriage in this country, it is impossible to deal with this subject without every so often, taking a look around at the prevailing climate of the times. In my last article I mentioned that God always sends prophetic voices amongst His people. However, more … Read More

Article 33 – Marriage! Ireland, Stronghold of Faith?

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, April 2015 Ireland, a Jewel in the Catholic Crown? The Ireland of 1968 was a very different place from the Ireland of today in certain respects. Ireland was regarded as a stronghold of the faith, a jewel in the crown of the Church with a proud history of missionary work and evangelisation throughout Europe and beyond. This faith was reflected in our laws. Divorce was illegal, the sale and importation of contraceptives were … Read More

Article 32 – Marriage! Humanae Vitae rejected

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, March 2015 The Story of Humanae Vitae In returning to the Ireland of 1968 and the encyclical of Pope Paul VI, ‘Humanae Vitae’, we need to once again consider some of the history surrounding this encyclical. In 1963, Pope John XXIII, set up a commission to study the issues of birth control and population. The ‘pill’ had been approved for contraceptive use in America in 1960 and was gaining in popularity and so … Read More

Article 31 – Marriage! The Uninterrupted Teaching

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, March 2015 Casti Connubi confirms and reaffirms the uninterrupted tradition We have seen that Pope Pius XI, in his encyclical Casti Connubi, both confirms and reaffirms the uninterrupted Christian tradition of opposition to contraception and to any use of matrimony which deliberately frustrates the natural procreative power of the marital act. That this teaching is infallible is clear from the fact that the whole of Christendom was united on this point up until … Read More

Article 30 – Marriage! A Great Sacrament

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, February 2015 Pope Pius XI – Casti Connubi In responding not just to the Lambeth conference but to the world at large, Pope Pius XI opens the encyclical letter Casti Connubi by recalling to our minds the greatness of the sacrament of matrimony. “How great is the dignity of chaste wedlock, Venerable Brethren, may be judged best from this that Christ Our Lord, Son of the Eternal Father, having assumed the nature of … Read More

Article 29 – Marriage! The Church Militant

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, February 2015 Marriage – The Church Militant We are at War! We faithful living on earth are not called the ‘Church Militant’ for nothing. We are at war, and the war is for our souls and for the souls of our neighbours. We face a very powerful enemy who is of an order of creatures far superior to ourselves, gifted with incredible intelligence and cunning, who has been permitted by God to wage … Read More

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