Article 63 – Marriage! Need for Vigilance

First Published in ‘The Catholic Voice’, Ireland, June 2016

All Ireland Roadshow

Last week, myself and Anthony Murphy began our ‘roadshow’ around Ireland with talks in Derry and in Belfast. Just before the talks began, on Friday morning, I found out that my wife Naomi, who had been in hospital for several days, was scheduled for abdominal surgery on the morning of Saturday 28th May. This left me with a little dilemma. Should I cancel the talks? I had also noticed in my own personal life, some failures to correspond with God’s grace which left me in need of confession.

The Gift of Friends

I contacted some friends who were delighted to have my three youngest children stay with them for a few days, and so on Friday 27th May, I gave my first talk in Derry.… Read the rest