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Calling Catholic Fathers

On November 5th I gave a talk at the annual Catholic Voice conference in Limerick.

You can listen to the talk HERE

You can download a transcript of the talk HERE

This talk points out that the Catholic Church is being undermined from within by those Catholics who promote false and misleading teaching all the while claiming that it is what the Church teaches.

It uses a simple mathematical formula to help Catholics to understand the second Vatican council.

Stress is laid on the the importance of Catholic Tradition and Catholic Historical teaching. We must follow the path of those who have gone before us and who have reached the destination.

Fathers are then reminded that it is their duty to make sure that their children are properly educated in the Catholic faith. They cannot blame the schools, or the teachers, or the curriculum authors, or the bishops if the school is not doing its job properly. This is because it is the duty of Fathers to make sure that these others, who may be involved in the education of their are not leading their children astray with a diluted or false teaching. Father’s are called to stand in the way of harm and to protect their wives and their children from those who seek to damage the faith of their children.


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John Lacken is married to Naomi since November 12th 1988. They have eight children, two girls and six boys, all of whom were delivered by caesarian section. Recently John founded an organisation called 'Legio Sanctae Familiae' whose purpose is to promote the authentic traditional Catholic Church teachings on marriage and family life and to help Catholic families to live their family lives according to those teachings. You can contact John using this contact form